Finally Here! Months in the making, testing equipment, sampling recipes :-). Now there are three new flavours of medicinal Chocolate. Slowly, very slowly stone ground for 2 days to make a creamy ultimately raw decadent mixture to melt on the tongue and create sweet sensations of bliss. A moment of Ananda Ma. Love for Great Mother. Her beautiful nectar of taste sensations, a gift from her wisdom that we can then move into our own lives. Food for Evolvement. Chocolate with a mission.


Traditional 72% Raw Cacao

Raw Organic Heirlom Cacao and coconut sugar and thats it!

White/Dark Chocolate with Raspberries

Raw Cacao with White choclate sweetened with xylitol then dried organic raspberries added.

Coconut Cardamon Cream

The great medicine of Lucuma, Coconut Cream, Lion's Mane, Green Tea Pollen, Lotus Pollen, Mucuna, and Cardamon.

30 g bars