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Dark Forest Raw Cacao

Brand new bars to tempt you to smile and feel good about your day!

These flavor combinations were carefully designed for unique taste sensations.
Sweetened with coconut sugar, with the choices of activated almonds, coconut Mylk chocolate, BC Cherries, Canadian Hazelnuts, Hawaiian Ginger, Tahitian Vanilla, and Himalayan Mulberries.
All Certified Organic.

Xochi is the Aztec Goddess of Flowers and means to Bloom or catch fire.
She represents the continual blossoming of life and the rich medicine that Blossoms offer.
Our Cacao comes from the rainforest of Ecuador and accounts for only 4% of cacao available on the market. Rich in forest enzymes these trees are grown under the shade of the rainforest canopy to absorb the nutrients from the biodiversity available in the forest. The lineage of the trees goes back thousands of years to produce a high quality sacred cacao worthy of the name Theobramoa Cacao ( Food of the Gods).


Mulberry Mint

85% Raw Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Black Mulberries high in Vit C, Mint extract for a caramel freeze taste.
All ingredients Certified Organic.


Hemp Ginger
85% Raw Cacao, Coconut sugar, Manitoba Hemp Nuts, Ginger for a warming kick of plant protein.
All ingredients Certified Organic


Vanilla Cherry Hazelnut
85% Raw Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Tahitian Vanilla, BC Dried Sweet Cherries, Canadian Hazelnuts.
Creamy, Full Flavor with high protein.
All Ingredients Certified Organic


Coconut Mylk Almond
65% raw Cacao, coconut cream, sprouted and activated almonds for better digestion, enzyme rich food.
All Ingredients Certified Organic


Dark Chocolate
Simple and Pure
85% Raw Cacao and Coconut Sugar
All ingredients Certified Organic.

And Joining the Xochi Line
Raspberry Guava and Licorice Lion

Formally Man and Womxn Bar
same great ingredients of
Superfood Extracts


Rasperry and Chilean Guava

with Lucuma, Mucuna, Shatavari, Amla, Acai, Maqui, and Chaga mushroom.
All ingredients Certified Organic


Licorice Lion

with Lions Mane mushroom, Skullcap, Pine Pollen, and Anise
All ingredient Certified Organic

These Herbs and superfoods are known to enhance the immune and nervous system to repair, regenerate and renew.

All available on the website SHOP!

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