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Blossoms has been making decadent chocolate on Cortes Island for 10 years!
Starting from humble beginnings we rose from the idea of enhancing daily nutrition through healthy, vitalizing desserts and chocolate. Our intention has always been to connect to folks from the heart using the magic healing properties of Cacao and Nature's Superfoods as the sweet talkers! Opening one heart at a time!
Making choices about our food and body can set in motion a healthy awakening for ourselves and the planet transforming our future with the whisperings of Cacao.

Each chocolate is handmade, fused with Ayurvedic and Reiki medicine, plants and energy for health and well being. The ingredients are sustainably sourced to support the highest quality product available and as well support indigenous communities to thrive. The Cacao is sourced from co-operatives in Ecuador that maintain the health and balance of the rain forest and ecosystem. Some of the seeds have a lineage thousands of years old and grow naturally under the shade of the forests. No trees are cut as is the case with plantation cacao. We also give back 1% of sales to reforestation projects around the world.
Pure Cacao is one of the highest antioxidant foods available -high in Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and neurotransmitters like Sarotonin and Anandamide. Sweetened with the nectar of the Coconut Blossoms, our chocolate stands to be 48% lower on the glycemic index scale to cane sugar. We use no refined sweeteners, dairy products, fillers or preservatives. Just simply Raw, Vegan, Organic Love in each bite!

Cacao oils provides an amazing medium to receive nourishment and health benefits of herbs and superfoods. Each recipe has been selected to heal from the inside out. Feeding our cells the intelligence of this planet, the way Nature intended.

My wish is for you to take the moment to enjoy the moment, with a little chocolate to smooth the way.

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                                                                                           WE  GIVE  1% OF  PROCEED TO  TREESISTERS.ORG.



             1% TO IFAW -INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION OF ANIMAL WELFARE- PROTECTING THE                                                                                                                                       SPECIES OF THE PLANET.

Retail Stores

Cortes Natural Food Co-op - Cortes Island, BC                 Edible Island Market - Courtenay, BC

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort - Cortes Island, BC          Amped on Nutrition - Quadra Island, BC

Hollyhock Retreat Centre - Cortes Island, BC                   Lifestyles Markets - Victoria, BC

Healthyway Natural Foods - Campbell River, BC             Nature Works - Salt Spring Island, BC

Homegrown Market - Nakusp, BC                                       Gaia Groceries - Tofino BC   

NEW! Blackberry Cove -  Ucluelet, BC       

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