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Cacao has traditionally been used as spiritual medicine. Ceremony is a way to invoke the spirit of cacao to flow into our hearts.  Ixcacao (spirit of the plant) opens the flow of blood to the heart, strengthens the capilliaries, and supplys the brain with nerotransmitters of anandamide and saratonin to bring clarity, focus and a natural rise in euphoria. 
Spirit is the energetic vibration that makes matter what it is. A plant looks and nourishes the way it does because of its vibration. Mama cacao grows pods like breasts on the trunk to support nourishment for our bodies. When we ingest this vibration it becomes a part of us. Plant medicine is the assistance and guidance of the plant itself communicating and providing its knowledge and intelligence. This is the way of ceremony, eating and living in harmony with what Nature and this planet provides.
When Cacao is used Ceremonially, we are inviting this reality into our bodies and showing gratitude for the wisdom being offered to us. Gratitude and Prayer create an opening in our very being that enable higher vibrations to flow into. A greater intelligence within us guides us towards emotional balance, mental clarity, effective action, and spiritual vision.
Working with this plant for the last 10 years has shown me we have so much more to learn and become. I offer you this drink recipe with the encouragement Ixcacao whispers to be our wildest dreams.


BLENDS -all unsweetened

Heirloom Rainforest Cacao from Ecuador, Cinnamon, vanilla, cayenne, cardomon.

Mushroom Blend
Heirloom Rainforest Cacao form Ecuador, Concentrated extract of
Lion's Mane, Turkey tail and Chaga

Sri Yantra 
Heirloom Rainforest Cacao from Ecuador, with essence of
Rose, Geranium, Orange Blossoms.


 Cacao Ceremony

Gathering in ceremony is an intimate bonding experience. Sharing cacao brings all present into the same frequency and can result in heart openning euphoria and insight into new intentions of awareness. It is safe to consume everyday, gentle and non psychoactive yet over time transforms the cells to release stress, fear, and loneliness
Traditionally there is always fire present to light the dark, warm the soul, and send our prayers up through the smoke. We make a small offering to the great wisdom of Cacao by pouring a little cacao over the fire, we thank the great mystery for an opportunity to grow and learn, to be grateful for what we have, and commit ourselves the the higher vibration of love above all.
We drink, we meditate, we sing, we dance, we move with our breath, we laugh we share, we celebrate. This is the purpose of Cacao.


Please go to my instagram page to watch a video on how to prepare ceremonial cacao.

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