Blossoms is committed to using only the best quality Heirloom Theobroma Cacao Arriba Nacional from the Andean jungles of Ecuador, the tree's origin. All our Cacao comes from small local communities co-operatively harvesting trees from the rainforest and not from plantations. No Forests have been burned or cleared to grow these trees. Cacao naturally loves the shade of the rainforest canopy to protect it. This accounts for only 4% of all Cacao harvested in the world.

The beans are fermented in the sun as the fruit around the bean dries and soaks in the flavour. Slowly stone ground to maintain the enzymes, the cacao is mixed with local honey or organic coconut nectar to create a most healthful and wondrous treat. Full of  heart strengthening nutrients and sacred knowledge. Truly the food for the Gods and Goddesses. This is what Theobroma translates to. Plant Medecine to open the heart and spread Love and Peace to the World.


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Above the Clouds


Instead of spending money on marketing and advertising , we've decided to do it the intimate way - straight to the mouth who speaks.

Spread the word of this delicious nutritious way of receiving nourishing herbs and superfoods.
Suggest to a  store anywhere in Canada to carry Blossoms Raw Chocolate and if they become stockists, recieve a gift pack of Thank You chocolates worth $50 from us in gratitude for helping us grow.

Just contact us for more details!

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