This Bar is packed with nutrient rich Cacao and sweetened with low glycemic Coconut Nectar. A robust combination of rose petals, dried currants and hemp seeds makes this bar high in protein and omega oils.

And it's HUGE!

160 g of LOVE.

Raspberry Guava (previously Womxn Bar)

Raw cacao ground with coconut nectar and fused with herbs and superfoods to maintain balance, radiance, and well being.

Lucuma, Mucuna, Shatavari, Amla, Acai, Maqui, Chilean Guava, Raspberry.


Man Bar (soon to be Licorice Lion)

Popular with Every Body! This was an inspiration by many wanting something for the Sacred Masculine.

Lions' Mane for a strong heart,

Skullcap for a cool head,

Pine Pollan to balance those hormones, and Anise for Calm and Peace.

Here to stay and rise.


Biotic Bar

Raw Cacao with coconut sugar, Baobab, Probiotic Chia seeds, Green Papaya, and Lime.

pre and pro biotics for healthy digestion!