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THESE HEARTS NEED TO BE REFRIDGERATED and cannot be shipped during the warm summer months June-September.


Exquisite bites of melt in your mouth creamy stone ground raw cacao beans fused with raw local honey, coconut oil and maca root.

A selection of flavours layered for the ultimate sensational bite!

Matcha Mint

Stone ground cacao with a coconut butter centre .  Matcha Tea and Peppermint oil.

Coconut Vanilla Cream

Creamy vanilla heart with chia seeds and a chocolate top

Almond Butter Heart

Coconut almond centre with honey

Superfood Heart

Spirulina, goji berries, hemp seeds, and chia seeds with reishi mushroom extract. For the serious superfood lover

Tempered Hearts

Cherry Shatavari

Golden Heart - ginger banana lemon

Coconut Mylk Chocolate

These hearts are shelf stable for 10 months

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